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Steve Carr – Finance / Dr. Rich Petras – Health

Tonight we welcome Steve Carr, President of Shared Abundance and Alliance Group, and Dr. Rich Petras of LifeVantage. We will discuss debt bondage, getting out of debt, and getting ourselves physically healthy. We can do both! Join us! Dr. Mike SpauldingEmail Dr. Mike...

Leo Hohmann – Stealth Invasion

Tonight's Dr. Mike Live guest is  - Leo Hohmann, author of Stealth Invasion. Pastor Mike and Leo discuss Islamic attacks and why the media doesn’t report on them. They also discuss the fact that we let 1.5 million immigrants into our country per year, an our...

Drones, Artificial Intelligence, & the Coming Human Annihilation

Tonight's guest, Pastor Billy Crone, talks about what the Koran teaches, Islam taking over Europe, and the forming of a global religion. He and Dr. Mike also discuss creating crisis and managing outcome, as well as three monotheistic religions: Islam, Evangelical...

Appealing to Heaven with Dr. John Diamond

Tonight's show features guest author and speaker, Dr. John Diamond. He gives a teaching on Appealing to Heaven, for religious liberty. Watch the show!Dr. Mike SpauldingEmail Dr. Mike at: [email protected] Dr. MIke's ministry at:

Life with Mark Harrington of Created Equal

Life has become an issue that is unavoidable. Today's guest is Mark Harrington, founder and president of Created Equal. The mission of Created Equal is to raise up the next generation of leaders to take on the culture of death and win. The end goal is winning. Dr....

The Smiley Face Killers with William Ramsey

Tonight's guest is William Ramsey, an occult investigative journalist. He researches the deaths of young male college students who are murdered by the smiley faced killers. These killings have been going on for twenty years. The mystery of who is killing these...

LIVE with Dave Janda


Have You Had Enough Yet?

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am sick and tired of the Luciferian zombies, the mindless, clueless, sycophants of the Progressive Marxists and the hatred they vomit daily against America, Americans, and our freedom and liberties. I am sick and tired of...

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