Through the Black – Dr. Mike Live – 12.3.18

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Tonight’s show features Tom Dunn and Jared, his partner in ministry at Through The Black. Together, they are involved in spiritual warfare, introducing people to Jesus, so they can be set free from demonic oppression and possession.

Watch the show for a riveting interview with Tom and Jared. They travel and minister in a multitude of ways including releasing a new movie, with interviews of people who have come out of the occult.

Tom shared, “I used to live my life as a punching bag for the devil, because I didn’t know how to fight.”

If the Body of Christ doesn’t realize the seriousness of the darkness around us, they may just ignore it to their own peril. It’s not more powerful than our God, but we have to put up a defense, through prayer and intercession, through reading God’s Word.

This could be the Church’s greatest hour, if the church will rise up and stand up to fight evil.

Renewing our minds is not an option!

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