The Smiley Face Killers with William Ramsey

Apr 1, 2019 | 1 comment


Tonight’s guest is William Ramsey, an occult investigative journalist. He researches the deaths of young male college students who are murdered by the smiley faced killers. These killings have been going on for twenty years. The mystery of who is killing these students, still remains. 

Water deaths of these young men, many say, are accidental. But many of these dead young men, ages 19-28 years old, did not die by accident. They were actually murdered, and the water deaths have left police thinking they were accidental deaths. The water removes evidence so it is very hard to find the murderers in these cases. Sometimes a smiley face symbol is near the scene of the crime.

Satan is real and so are his minions. The occult is active in killing people. Many of these victims seem to be Christian or involved in a church life, somehow.  It seems that law enforcement is shy about connecting these murders to the occult. 

Stories are being revealed about people being drugged in bars. This is really happening. Why is all of this being censored from the law enforcement and media and social media? Evil is running rough shod over America. It is being censored. Dr. Mike calls us to get in the game. Why is evil being censored? There are connections to the cult. 

One example: the Dakota James case. Why was he missing for forty days? What was happening to him in those 40 days? Usually, when someone drowns, their body floats within 3 days. Why are these people missing for so long, without being found? Why isn’t the alarm sounding loudly all across the country, on mainstream media?

These killings are not done alone. They are definitely group related, but it is not clear whether it is an occult or gang group of people. Drugs may be related. 

Parents, if you have young men in college, on college campuses, please beware. Watch William Ramsey Investigates on or Vimeo. Find William’s books on Digital copies are available as well. 

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