Ray Gano on Spiritual Warfare

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Ray Gano is the guest on tonight’s show, talking about demon oppression and possession. Check out his ministry at www.raygano.net.

When we become Christians, we no longer have the ability to leave God, or have the devil in us. We are part of God, and God possesses us, when we are blood-bought, and Spirit-filled.

How do people who are Christians, allow malevolent spiritual entities into their lives, in order for them to become oppressed? Even unawares, people can be influenced by demonic forces. Television, movies and the internet are three ways that demons can influence us. Sex also opens the door. Trauma, drugs, alcohol, sex and inherited or purchased physical items which are attached to demons.

When demons are invited in, it’s because of sin in the home or person. The doorway is opened by something we do. An ancestral hand-me-down can also have demonic power, without even knowing it.

Trauma can also be used by the Enemy, to oppress people. Molestation or rape are ways that the devil can oppress people. They want people to be fearful, sinful, paralyzed emotionally and spiritually.

When people start getting rid of the garbage in their life, the demons can be cleansed from their lives. This isn’t a magical cleaning that takes place in four or five hours, or just a weekend. It may take years, but you need to stay at it, and be diligent over time.

We let the demons in, and we have to kick them out.

Scripture has been westernized. Modernism as a philosophy, has had a negative impact upon the Scriptures. Most people don’t understand the supernatural realm. People are very naive about what they allow in. The eyes and ears are gateways to the souls. Men, especially, have got to stand up and understand the assault on men. The pedophilia, sex trafficking, drug abuse, and more…are manifestations of the demonic realm.

It’s time to clean house! Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal things to you, so you can become free of the evil in your lives. A lot of husbands and wives do not understand the power and authority they have been given. Educate yourself as to how they come into your home. Then, cleanse your home. Get rid of the evil.

We have tools spoken about in Scripture. Holy anointing oil, holy water, holy incense, and holy salt, are biblical. Back in the 1800’s Baptist ministers knew and used these resources in spiritual warfare. Throughout the decades since then, we have lost the knowledge and ability to cast out demons.

Pastors and men as heads of their households, used to be equipped to perform exorcisms.

Today, we are seeing incest increasingly influencing young people. They are innocent victims, initially.

Journaling is important in identifying specific sins in one’s life. As you are writing, you may remember things that happened to you and in you. When the memories come, immediately anoint yourself with oil, and pray! When we tell the enemy to leave you in Jesus’ name, the enemy has to leave.

Ray’s book gives specific guidelines to becoming free of these demons who have power over you. Break the chains. Read Ray’s book and ask God to help reveal your besetting sins, of the present and the past.

Multi-personality disorders is a real condition. Some people use the multiple personalities to cope with the trauma which has victimized them.

Some mental illnesses are related to demonic activity. Deliverance is available. We must renounce them, though. Do not become comfortable living with the demons. Choose life. Choose freedom. Seek truth. Repent. Cast them out in Jesus’ name.

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