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Dr. Mike took on a tough topic tonight. He spoke on pedophilia. He showed clips from some very informative speakers on the topic.The acceptance of pedophilia is growing in America and the western world. In the same way the homosexual activists softened the ground for people to accept homosexuality, they are doing the same with pedophilia. They are patient and willing to take their time. It’s effective. It’s destructive, and it’s heart-breaking.

Dr. Mike’s live guest was David Arthur of David shared about his new rediscovery 9 Step Program for people struggling with addictions. He calls it “RESIDUE” and it is designed to help set people free through Jesus Christ. Check out David Arthur’s live streaming shows M-F, 9:00 AM Eastern Time, on, to learn more.

Dr. Mike gave the audience an assignment for this week.  Here it is:“I want you to ask your pastor if he will start speaking out against the evil and wickedness in America. Will he start talking about pedophilia? If not, why not? Why won’t you take this on? If he says it’s too controversial, you have a decision to make.If your pastor will not speak out against evil or wickedness, then ask him, “Why are you in the pulpit?” Pedophilia is being normalized in front of our eyes. If a pastor says he won’t speak out about this, it is dereliction of duty.”

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