Not All Conservatives are Constitutionalists

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Dr. Mike opened the show talking about an upcoming Conference in Wisconsin March 8 and 9.  Rob Pue is organizing the event.  He publishes a newspaper called “Wisconsin Christian News.”  Rob is the editor and publisher of this newspaper.  “There is not one newspaper that is better than the Wisconsin Christian News.”  said Dr. Mike.

Rob pointed out that there were about 120 Christian newspapers when he started.  There are now just a handful.  Rob does the Conference once a year as a networking and information gathering opportunity.  He talked about the line up of speakers.

Last year folks from thirty different states attended the conference.  Rob talked about how important it is to get young people to attend the Conference.  Dr. Mike agreed that it is critical that young folks get involved.

Rob produces a commentary on  There are 120 stations that carry the programming.

Dr. Mike talked about the importance of networking, getting to know like-minded believers.

Rob had to go on to another interview.

Dr. Mike introduced another Mike who lives in California.  Mike Kerr is the organizer of Hear the Watchmen Conference every year.  It is March 28th in Dallas, Texas.

Mike Kerr affirmed the importance of networking that Rob and Dr. Mike mentioned earlier.  The conference lasts three days.  Dr. Mike mentioned the Coach Dave LIVE show this morning.

In August Mike Kerr is doing a Spiritual Warfare Training Workshop on Long Island in New York featuring Russ Dizdar.  Moore talked about how he just quit smoking after becoming very ill.  He gave his addiction to God and God helped him overcome it.

Mike Kerr also mentioned a Conference that he is planning for next year in California.  More details to follow.

Dr. Mike turned the program to an introduction to his guest for tonight’s show.  Tom has a Youtube channel.

“Not All Conservatives are Constitutionalists” is Tom Niewulis new book.

Tom and Dr. Mike talked about John Dewey and schools.  They talked about how the schools were taken over by socialists like Dewey.  Tom observed that it is important for older children to teach younger children.  That practice was destroyed by Dewey’s methodology.

They discussed neo-Marxism and the destruction of nationalism.  Modern Media is being used now as a propaganda instrument for socialism.  Charles Spurgeon preached against the social gospel.  Tom has explored this historic reality.  Spurgeon is one of the great preachers.  Fabian socialism was just emerging when Spurgeon was preaching.  He did touch political and social issues.

Dr. Mike and Tom Niewulis endorsed Thomas Sowell.

We’re too intellectualized.  At our peril we ignore truths that are foundational to our intellectual lives.

Dr. Mike encourages folks to bring their children out of the public school system.  He endorsed home schooling.  The public school is a beast system.  Children are being turned into obedient little humanists.  There needs to be a fundamental shift.  He challenged pastors to spend money from the church budget to buy curriculum for families in their churches.

Tom Niewulis agreed.  He sits on a County Board for Mental Health in Ohio.  He said that pastors need to under the extensibility of the gospel.  God extends into everything.  Tom encouraged Christians to run for school board, and to get onto local boards and committees.  Christians must choose to be engaged in governance.  If we aren’t involved then the gap will be filled.

The education system is so corrupted that parents and grandparents must be assertive.  Pull out the sword and bury into the belly of the beast.

National Center for the Development of Constitutional Strategies 

This is another of Tom’s projects.  It is about applying constitutional principles.

Dr. Mike played an excerpt from an video.

Dr. Mike talked about the book he wrote, “Make the Pulpit Great Again.”

Tom indicated that the most up to date website for his work is

He also mentioned

Dr. Mike doesn’t want to be perceived as just complaining.  He wants to be able to recommend good and effective actions.

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