Marxianity – Brannon Howse

Nov 12, 2018


This week Dr. Mike Live features Worldview Weekend’s Brannon Howse. Tonight’s show includes a discussion of the merging of Marxism and Christianity, the Hegel Dialectic, Marxism, Allinsky’s Rules, and Huxley philosophies. The emergent church is embracing these ideas at a rapid pace. The evangelical church has become poisoned. Julian Huxley, first leader of UNESCO, says we need to have conflict so we can merge socialism and capitalism. Communitarianism. The third way. The third leg of the stool. The hope that dissenters of globalism, socialism, Marxism will give up and join the consensus. Change comes from the conflict. The goal of the Marxists is to deliberately set up conflict, because the general population will eventually give up, not wanting their name continually dragged through the mud. Jim Wallace has been part of this movement toward socialism/Marxism for a long time, but more recently others including Tim Keller, Rob Bell, and Brian McLaren have joined the emergent ranks. Southern Baptist leaders, Gospel Coalition leaders, and Revoice leaders all have jumped on board these radical ideas, as well. Cultural Marxism is the sworn enemy of Christianity. Marxism is Satanism. A left wing Christianity pushing for social justice and multi-culturalism, is actually pushing for Marxism. The SSA (same sex attracted) label has become mainstream. The idea is that same-sex attracted people need to be welcomed into our churches as leaders is being embraced. Most Christians are simply not aware of what’s happening to the Christian world’s leadership at the highest levels. If you are wondering what to do, in light of this revelation, remember this: God always has a remnant. Throughout the ages, God is sovereign. His will prevails. One practical thing we can do is support ministries holding fast to orthodox biblical ideas. If you are currently supporting ministries like the Gospel Coalition, Rick Warren, Tim Keller and Sojourners/Jim Wallace, please redirect your giving to ministries that are holding fast to the truth of Scripture. Support Brannon Howse  and Worldview Weekend. Keep renewing your mind! Support Dr. Mike Spaulding at:  
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