Life with Mark Harrington of Created Equal

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Life has become an issue that is unavoidable. Today’s guest is Mark Harrington, founder and president of Created Equal. The mission of Created Equal is to raise up the next generation of leaders to take on the culture of death and win. The end goal is winning.

Dr. Mike to Mark Harrington (MH): Why do you show the graphic aborted baby pictures?

MH: Injustice must be SEEN to be cured. Words fail us in describing the horror that is abortion. Words are not adequate alone. A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million words. The foundation is that abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby. Until we settle that fact, we cannot even have a discussion about abortion. Abortion is the violent dismembering of another human being.

Mark is training up the next generation to make an argument for LIFE. Street apologists are effective. Students learn best on the job, on the streets. That’s where they learn. The Church does a lot of teaching and training, but not enough outreach. We give just enough classroom time to learn the basics. Then, we take them to the streets, to work on their presentation and their apologetic.

Created Equal is run by missionaries to the unborn. Each staff member raises their own support. Created Equal also has a general fund to help fund the projects they are involved with. Get involved, today. Donate here:

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