Get in the Ark! with Bradlee Dean/Sons of Liberty

Jan 28, 2019 | 0 comments

Full Show Description

Tonight’s Dr. Mike Live guest is Bradlee Dean from the Sons of Liberty.The show features an enlightening discussion about how we as Christian Americans are being duped again, by the politicians who promise us that they’re for us. They promise that they’re different than the last politicians. They assure us that they are going to make America great again, but what has really changed?

When we look closely, we see more of the same old political games. They distract us using one crisis after another. Yet, those crises are just smoke screens, so they can continue their socialist, globalist agenda.

Americans need to wake up. Christians need to repent. Politicians need to rule by the US Constitution.

Is God’s judgment going to raining down, like in the days of Noah? If so, you’d better get in the ark!

Renewing our minds is not an option!

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