Evangelical Deep State – Dr. Mike Live – 12.10.18

Dec 10, 2018


Tonight’s guest is Tom Littleton, who is uncovering the corruption of the “Deep State” in evangelicalism.

Leaders in the evangelical Christian world (Southern Baptists and Presbyterian Church of America) are veering to the far Left, as they embrace cultural Marxism, in the name of Christian compassion. They are being used by other forces, to weaken their stance on biblical inerrancy, and lots more.

This happened to mainline Protestant denominations decades ago, and now those denominations are dying. Are conservative churches going the same way? Is it too late to learn from recent history?

The demonic know the truth. They use only enough of it to get a foot in the door; repackaging and confusing people with truth and error or liberalism and conservatism. Satan knows that to destroy a culture, the church must be compromised along the way. 

The merging of capitalism with socialism is called “Third Way.”

Remember, Jesus said, “I am THE Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by Me.”

Please do some research on Revoice, The Gospel Coalition, and the emergent church.

Don’t be fooled. Compare all you see to the Bible.

Tom Littleton has done deep research into all of this. Visit his website: thirtypiecesofsilver.org to become informed.

And remember, renewing our minds is not an option!

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