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Dr. Andy Woods will be the guest for today’s show.  He will join us in a bit.

Rob Pue talked about his upcoming conference in Wisconsin.  He said the phone has been ringing off the hook all day.  People are coming in from all over the country for the weekend.  It is an expo of Christian ministries  from around the country.

Here is a link for the event.

Ministry Expo & Conference @ Marshfield, WI

Dr. Mike commented that the days of hiding in the church are over.  It is time to be the church.  He endorsed Rob’s newspaper called Wisconsin Christian News.


The theme of the conference is “Earnestly Contending for the Faith.”  It is this Friday and Saturday.

Coach Dave has a conference coming up in April.


On March 15 the Coach is going to draw from the registrations and the winner will receive a free hotel room.

Dr. Mike encouraged folks to tune in for http://www.alphabetmanlive.com … David Arthur’s show.  Ray Moore also has a show called http://raymoorelive.com  He emphasizes education issue.

It is time for the body of christ to come together as a team if we’re going to defeat our enemy.

Natural Family Foundation founder JR Harrison talked about his organization.


JR talked about the importance of the family, the first institution that God created.  He wants the nation to aspire to building strong natural families.  There is a pledge on the website that JR encouraged everyone to go and sign.

Dr. Mike went over the shows that are scheduled for the next two months.


Dr. Andy Woods joined the show.  The link below is to books that he has written or contributed to.


Dr. Mike observed that raw naked evil is manifesting all across the nation today, particularly in our political class.

Dr. Woods responded saying that Paul the Apostle said that in the last days people would follow the doctrines of demons.  The raucous support for killing babies after they are born in New York recently is evidence of a seared conscience.  God puts a conscience in every human.  Paul tells us in 1 Timothy that the conscience can become seared.

The restraint on evil can be removed.  Other east coast states are looking at following New York’s lead.  Dr. Wood said everything is outside the closet except for evangelical Christians.  They are in the closet.

Dr. Mike believes there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats today.  He thinks the predominantly blue states are going to fall in line with New York and we’re going to have quite a battle on our hands.

The church is abandoning her civic responsibility.  Dr. Mike this is a big reason for what is happening today.

Dr. Woods told about Benjamin Franklin’s belief that the founding fathers had created a Republic that would be lost unless the people decided to keep it.  He said the church has been a poor steward of this responsibility.  The church has allowed this to happen.

There are people who want to topple our constitutional republic.  Marxists, one worlders etc. want to do this.  The Constitution that promotes limited government must be overthrown if these forces are to succeed.  The document limits the governments power severely.  This isn’t a libertarian model.  It is a limited government model.

Dr. Woods has a legal background.  He talked about how positive law has emerged to destroy the limited government model with maximum government.

A viewer asked, “What’s it going to take to get preachers to talk about abortion?”

Dr. Woods commented that we must think of ourselves as pro life instead of anti abortion.  We should be positive, not negative.  He continued teaching that the Bible touches on all areas of life.  The Bible speaks about governmental matters.  There are pro life points and teachings throughout the Bible.

We have shrunk the Bible’s influence.  We need to be fair with the Bible.

Dr. Mike suggested that pastors should think of themselves as men who are called to serve the Lord.  They need to not make serving their congregations their number one priority.  They are thinking about their income, families, reputations.  They need to stop doing that.

Dr. Mike is going to start referring to the abortion issue as infanticide and sacrificing to Moloch.  He talked about knowing pastors who are being fired for taking moral stands.  He encouraged pastors to not be fearful.

John asked for a recommendation for good materials for teaching the constitution.  Dr. Woods suggested that David Barton’s material can be very helpful.  He also mentioned John Eidsmoe.



JR talked about going to the streets to force the church to engage the culture.  He did it for nine months.  The church used the court to get him removed from the sidewalk.

The church must teach about Biblical manhood, masculinity, family leadership.  Addressing the man’s role in the family is critical.

Dr. Woods pointed out that God is the author of multiple institutions … government, church and family for example.  It is the man’s responsibility to disciple the family.  He gave examples from the Old Testament.  When society fails God blames the failure of the father to do his duty.

We need to give careful thought to God’s instructions for family.

A listener asked about the 501-C3 status and what’s allowed in the church and what isn’t.  Dr. Woods said it may be high time to throw it overboard.  There are many things that can be done politically by a 501-c3 church.










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