Apostasy and Abortion

Oct 15, 2018


A Presbyterian USA minister, Rebecca Todd Peters, argues in her book, “Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice,” that women should have the power to choose life or death for their own children through abortion.

This Presbyterian pastor says: “It’s a matter of justice” to make a woman’s choice preeminent.

Pastor Carl Gallups responds with the thought that Satan twists words, re-defines words, and uses them to be the opposite of what God means. This book and this pastor’s message is so  hypocritical. One can be arrested and put in jail for destroying the egg of a turtle or an eagle, yet it is a matter of justice for a woman to be able to legally rip, crush, poison and mutilate a preborn human being?!

Sadly, George Barna’s polls say that 90% of pastors are not even preaching against abortion or any of the sins and warning their congregations of the demonic activity we are seeing in our culture today. These delusions of mind are growing beyond comparative. Secular scientists are now saying that mental illness is growing astronomically in this day and age. In fact, we’re living in the most prophetic times since the coming of Jesus Christ.

We are and have been under God’s judgment of the kind Paul spoke of in Romans 1. God will give them over to a reprobate mind, who live sexually decadent lives. We are seeing this, and it is a sign that we are living in the Last Days before Christ’s return.

What are we to do? We are to keep speaking the truth in love. God’s forgiveness is available to all who cry out to Him in repentance.

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