Oct 22, 2018


Guest speaker Olivier Melnick, author of End Times Anti-Semitism, serves at a Messianic Jewish ministry. Learn about his work at

Tonight’s show discusses antisemitism by first defining what it is. Semites are descendants of Shem, one of the three sons of Noah. Jews and Arabs encompass the whole group of Semites. When we discuss “antisemitism” it is the hatred of Jewish people, simply because they are Jewish. This hatred is characterized by thoughts, words and deeds.

Antisemitism is manifest in various ways. Sometimes people have never met a Jewish person in their life, but they hate them.

Tonight’s program discusses the Middle East, Zionism, biblical prophecy and Replacement Theology.

Mr. Melkin also explains what Christians can do to dispel untruths, when talking with people who are antisemitic.

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