Ancient Church Manuscripts with Ken Johnson

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Ken Johnson, of, is the guest on tonight’s show,. Ken is an author who studies creation history, Bible prophecy and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Many extra-biblical books and resources are “endorsed.” As a Protestant, we agree that the 66 books of the Bible are complete. But if you want to learn more, you can search out other extra-curricular books to learn more.

The Old and New Testament authors actually mentioned these extra-curricular books. Obviously, the Holy Spirit, who actually wrote the Bible through these men, thought it was important to mention these other sources.

When the Dead Sea Scrolls, other extra-biblical resources, plus the Talmud, all agree, we should pay attention.

Click to watch this fascinating episode, taking a closer look at the first two centuries of Christianity and  the confirmation of its basic theology. The Early Church fathers give us even more detail.

For further study on this, you may purchase “Ancient Church Fathers” by Ken Johnson.

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