Rebooting the Bible with Doug Woodard

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Tonight’s show features guest, Doug Woodward.

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Douglas Woodward,, author has written “Rebooting the Bible: Exposing the Second Century Conspiracy to Corrupt the Scripture and Alter Biblical Chronology.” (released December 2018) Stay tuned for another upcoming book written as a follow-up to this book.

Another recent book (2017) by Doug Woodward is called “The Revealing: Unlocking hidden Truths on the Glorification of God’s Children.”

Doug’s Rebooting book is about the written Bible’s history, and how it has changed through the centuries. How did we get the Bible? Were the sources from which Protestants got their Bibles, reliable? Do we simply trust an English text, the King James version, of the Bible as a reliable source of the original Bible texts?

The Eastern Orthodox Church relied upon the Septuagint for its original sources of Scriptural text. Historically, the Greek Bible of the church, prepared 200 years before Jesus, provided an Old Testament for the New Testament Christians who spoke and read Greek.

One of the primary theses of the Reboot book is that there was a conspiracy in the 2nd century, by rabbis, to hide Scriptures which point to the Messiah.

There are many translations and paraphrases of the Bible. Paraphrases are not as accurate as translations. And all translations are not equal.

Watch tonight’s show to learn more…

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